Report of The alumni office on job market satisfaction with the performance of the graduates of the nursing program



A survey was conducted to assess the performance of the nursing program graduates of the academic year 1432- 1433 H. This cohort spent their internship year before receiving their awards in 10/ 1434 H, 7 out of the 8 graduates got jobs at the MCH while only one of our graduates was employed by New Najran general hospital. All of the students spent a year or more at their current work.

The questionnaire was prepared by the alumni office and mailed to the respective hospitals to be filled by the direct supervisors of our graduates, it is worth mentioned that the graduates were individually evaluated and the results were presented as means for the purpose of this report.


Targeted values for the performance of our graduates:

The program aims to provide the community with qualified graduates in the field of nursing. For each performance to be evaluated, not less than 60% of the graduates should show acceptable level and 25% have high level, while not more than 15% should show poor level.


Most important strength points in our graduates as stated by the job market:

  1. Very active- hard working.
  2. Committed to rules and regulations.
  3. Easily acquire new information- learning- interesting in acquiring knowledge- quick learner (2)- accept any advice to improve- knowledgeable about the work- try to improve- accept mistakes.



Weak points in our graduates as stated by the job market:

  1. Lack of initiative
  2. Absence in work.
  3. Less communication skills.
  4. Need more experience.
  5. Inadequate  knowledge about disease law.



Recommendations of the alumni office:


  1. This report should be discussed at the level of the program council to make corrective actions and to be considered in improvement plans for the internship program.
  2. The graduates should get feedback about this evaluations and measures for improving the performance should be discussed with them.

3-      Possibilities for cooperation with the hospitals, to provide training and support for our graduates, should be discussed.