Opening ceremony of the library of health college

The opening ceremony of the Library of Health Colleges - Girls at the University of Najran was held on Thursday, 1438/7/16 H. The opening ceremony was attended by the coordinators of the health colleges where the presentation started, which includes verses from the Holy Quran. The seminar was followed by a speech by the coordinator of the Faculty of Nursing, in which she praised the current library followed by the word of the coordinator of the Department of Radiology, where she spoke about the library and its scientific and material importance. She urged the students to resort to the digital and paper library and concluded the ceremony with the word of the Undersecretary of the Faculty of Medicine To attend the reading and forethought

Lecture on psychological and behavioral problems in children

The student activities committee organized a lecture entitled "The skill of dealing with the psychological and behavioral problems of the child" on Thursday, 16/7/1438 AH, and it was discussed by Dr. / Rehab Al-Sayed in which she talked about some psychological problems of the child, including: stubbornness, collective withdrawal, aggressive behavior, food disorders, hyperactivity, Where the causes and how to deal with the child who suffers from psychological problems and how to cure

The 2nd Semester Induction Program (1437-1438)

The 2nd Semester Induction Program (1437-1438) College of Nursing organized the 2nd Semester Induction Program (1437-1438) for fresh students on Wednesday 18/5/1438, in the presence of Coordinator Dr. Nahed Khalil, Departments' Coordinators, Quality and Development Supervisors, Faculty Members and Personnel. The induction program included reciting the Holy Quran, opening speech, welcome chant, Coordinator's speech, Student Affairs speech and Academic Advising speech. Dr. Wafaa Taha's speech, Quality and Development Supervisor, pointed out the importance of nursing profession, job opportunities and the importance of nursing in Islam.

A Lecture on Prevention of Cancer

A Lecture on Prevention of Cancer Students Committee announces a lecture entitled Cancer and Prevention on Thurs. 3/6/1438 under the supervision of Mrs. Mwaheb Ahmed. Share us to gain the benefit.

A Lecture on Diabetes

A Lecture on Diabetes College of Nursing held an awareness lecture on (Diabetes) on Sun, 13/6/1438 at the auditorium of College of Education as a part of the College' social activities., the lecture delivered by Mrs. Rashida Abd-Alreheem where she talked about the reasons of Diabetes and the prevention, then the Nursing students checked the attendees' blood sugar level.




lecture entitled "Intellectual Security

lecture entitled "Intellectual Security As part of the role of the Student Activities Committee in educating students, the committee held a lecture entitled "Intellectual Security". During this lecture, it was introduced to the concept of intellectual security and that it is one of the components of security in general. And the importance of preserving the thought and protect it from spoilers as one of the purposes of the Sharia to live in safety and security. The lecture was attended by a number of faculty members, the target group of students and the interaction of the audience in the session through questions and discussion. . Distributed leaflets guidelines for intellectual security