The career prospects for graduates of the college are aimed at graduating nursing specialists to work in one of the following sectors:

1-A nursing specialist in the Ministry of Health works:

·     Critical care nursing (intensive care): care for patients with serious and complex illnesses and injuries.

· Emergency Nursing

· Maternity and childbirth nursing

· Neonatal Nursing: Providing care for newborns

· Kidney Nursing:   Care for patients who have kidney-related health problems caused by diabetes, high blood pressure, drug abuse, or other causes.

. Cardiovascular disease: treats patients with heart disease and people who have undergone heart surgery.

·   Oncology Nursing and Cancer

·   Orthopedics and fractures

·    Mental and mental health nursing

· Nursing Anesthesia

2-The nursing specialist works in primary health centers

3-He works as a nursing specialist in the Ministry of Higher Education; He has a teacher's rank and is entitled to complete his studies.

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