Ethical rules governing students' use of personal computers and smart phones


 Najran University has a policy of using the Internet where students must ensure:


  1. Compliance with legislation and laws.
  2. Use the Internet in an acceptable manner.
  3. Do not create unnecessary risks to the university due to misuse of the Internet.
  4. Unacceptable behavior.


The following  is  an unacceptable use and behavior by students Internet users:


1) Visit websites that contain obscene, hateful, pornographic or illegal material.

2) Use  computer to commit any form of cheating , counterfeit software, pirated movies or musical piracy.

3) Use the Internet to send offensive material or harassment to other users.

4) download commercial software or any copyrighted material belonging to third parties, unless such download is covered by a commercial agreement or other license.

5) Piracy or entry into unauthorized areas.

6) Disclosing confidential information about the University of Najran in personal online publishing, uploading or transferring, including financial information and information on business plans, policies, staff and internal discussions


7) Intentional activities of any form of malware on the university network


When the student is found to have failed to comply with this policy, he or she will face disciplinary action from the university. Note that the disciplinary punishment ranges from signing a pledge and then send  to the legal department at the university to take the necessary. The actual Punishments applied depends on factors such as the risk of the violation and the disciplinary record of the student.