List of complaints and suggestions for students


  an introduction :


Since the university student is the main focus of the educational system at the University of Najran was obliged to pay attention to his money and the rights and duties away from the traditional understanding that makes the student a bowl of rights and obligations and the excess of these rights in a manner that brings the educational process off track.


This regulation also reflects the mutual understanding between the administrative sciences program and the students by raising awareness of their academic and service rights, how to obtain these rights and the competent authority, and their awareness of their obligations towards the university. Various components of university work. These rights and duties are as follows:




  First: Student Rights:


  1. The right of the student to obtain the scientific material and the knowledge associated with the university courses in an appropriate study environment that achieves comprehension and collection easily and easily.
  2. The right of the student to obtain the university card and to benefit from the services provided by the university in accordance with the regulations, decisions and university norms in force in this regard.
  3. The student's right to ask his professors on campus and discuss the appropriate scientific discussion at the appropriate times.
  4. The right of the student to obtain the plans and schedules of the studies and to register them in the courses provided by the system and the rules of registration.
  5. The right of the student to comply with the dates and times of the faculty members and to complete the scientific and practical hours and not to cancel any of them except in case of necessity and after the announcement in advance with giving alternative lectures in coordination with the students.
  6. The right of the student to be the exam questions within the course and its contents and the right to know the results and request to review the answer in the final test in accordance with the rules and regulations followed.
  7. The student's right to receive social care provided by the university as well as participation in the activities established within it according to the system.
  8. The student's right to maintain the confidentiality of the contents of his file within the university with the integrity of dealing with him.


   Second: Student Obligations:

  1. Follow the university regulations and regulations, instructions and decisions issued to implement them and not to do any acts contrary to Islamic ethics and public morals.
  2. Regularity of the study and the fulfillment of all the study requirements of the courses.
  3. The student is obliged to carry the university card while in the university and to provide it to the specialists upon request and to maintain the general cleanliness and commitment to the appropriate uniforms that ensure proper respect for the university.
  4. Adherence to the rules and arrangements for the preparation of research, reports or tests and the non-fraud or attempted or assisted in the commission or violation of the examination system.
  5. Obligation not to be exposed to the property of the university to damage or tampering with it or to disable it from work and maintain it and on materials and university books and return the borrowed from them in time.
  6. Commitment to calm and tranquility within the facilities of the university and not to cause inconvenience or gathering in non-reserved places and not to be in the chapters or corridors or restaurant at the time of prayer.
  7. To treat all employees and guests of the university with respect and not to offend or insult them by word or deed.
  8. The obligation not to attend lectures in courses not registered with the student except with special permission from the professor of the course.
  9. Not to eat food and drinks in classrooms, laboratories or university libraries.
  10. The student must make sure that his official e-mail is approved by the university, and that he should read his e-mail on a daily basis to follow up on what may be sent through advertisements or otherwise.
  11. The student must follow the advertisements placed in the official bulletin board inside the university building.
  12. The student is committed to the absence of errors in his schedule such as the discrepancy in the times of lectures or registration in a course previously successful student and the student in the event of errors in the table speed of review of the University's registrar during the period of addition only.


Third: How to deal with student complaints:

A committee shall be formed to receive and examine the complaints of students headed by a faculty member and another faculty member, to present the cases to which they are referred for briefing or taking appropriate action to the Committee for dealing with student complaints (male and female sections) on a permanent and monthly basis, Complaint should be submitted as soon as the problem occurs. The complaint must be filed as soon as possible to the Complaints Committee or placed in a complaint box after the complaint form (Annex 1) is obtained from the Quality Assurance Unit office or from the University's website.

   Mechanism to deal with students' complaints and suggestions:

  1. Put the complaint in the complaints and suggestions boxes.
  2. To submit a complaint or suggestion and to inquire through the complaints and proposals page of the University's website.
  3. Complaints and complaints collection boxes are opened weekly.
  4. Collect weekly email complaints.
  5. The complaint shall be sent to the concerned person as soon as it is received from the student
  6. All problems that can be dealt with in a friendly or formal manner shall be examined and resolved taking into account the full confidentiality of the complaint and the expeditious determination of the complaint.
  7. Complaints that need to be answered by the scientific departments shall be submitted to the heads of departments. The response shall be through a committee approved by the department and authorized by the head of the department to sign them. Provided that the period of response to the complaint shall not exceed fifteen years