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Formation of the Advisory Board of the Faculty of Nursing:

His Excellency the Vice President for Development and Quality

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you

The College Council reviewed the proposal for the formation of the Advisory Board of the College of Nursing based on the decision of Your Excellency No. (1438/7) dated 24/2/1438 regarding the formation of advisory councils for the colleges, the Advisory Council was formed according to the following resolution

Resolution 3/1/37/38:

The College Council decided to form the Consultative Council of the Faculty of Nursing as follows:

His Excellency Dean of Faculty of Nursing                                                   President
His Excellency Vice Dean for Educational Affairs                                         Vice President
HE Saeed bin Ali Al Malki                                                                                   Member
His Excellency the Director of the Armed Forces Hospital in Najran                  Member
HE Director General of Health Affairs, Najran,                                                   Member
His Excellency the General Supervisor of King Khalid Hospital in Najran          Member
His Excellency the Director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital            Member
THE Director of the Psychiatric Hospital in Najran                                             Member
HE Director of Training Department for Health Nursing in Najran                      Member

Coordinator of the Faculty of Nursing for Girls Department                               Member                                  
HE the Coordinator of the Faculty of Nursing, Benin                                        Member


The minutes have been submitted to the Chancellor of the University and this has been approved as per the annexes


  Dean of Faculty of Nursing
              Dr. Awad bin Mohammed Al-Qahtani

 Vice Dean of Faculty of Nursing for Educational Affairs